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Inflammation and its impact on Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness

Inflammation has been implicated in pathogenesis of many cancers. Take an example of chronic pancreatic inflammation leading to pancreatic cancer. Inflamed bladder often changes into bladder cancer. Similar story is seen with chronic cirrhosis of live that changes into lethal stomach cancer, ulcerative colitis that can change into rectal cancers and Barrett´┐Żs disease of esophagus where chronic inflammation changes into esophageal cancer. We can go on and on.

Chronic prostatic inflammation (Chronic Prostatitis) has been implicated prostate carcinogenesis but definitive evidence is yet lacking. We have embarked on a detailed epidemiological, imaging, intra operative, histopathological molecular and genomic study to address this important issue. What we have noticed that there are unique inflammatory diseases that are associated with aggressive prostate cancer that have previously not been liked to this disease. Understanding the details of pathogenesis of this association may have significant implications on preventing prostate cancers, avoiding emergence of aggressive subtypes and treating early disease with pills.

As is seen in this picture, certain inflammatory diseases in pelvis are associated with incidence of more aggressive cancer of the prostate. This research is currently in infancy and needs further analysis of microbiome and inflammatory gene profiling.

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