Dr. Tewari's Research

An active researcher, Dr. Tewari's main research interests include:

  • Identification of strategies that improve nerve-sparing to maximize early return of continence and sexual functioning
  • Identification of molecular markers for prostate cancer development of neuroprotective agents
  • Advancement of ultrasound-guided biopsy techniques
  • Racial disparities in prostate cancer
  • Development of predictive models on prostate cancer survival
  • Novel imaging techniques for surgery
  • Application of nanotechnology to the treatment of prostate cancer

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Tumor Microenvironment

Tumor Microenvironment

Is it possible to develop a vaccine that would help patients develop an immune response to prosate cancer?

Radio Hystopathological Correlation

The potential role of prostate MRI has in recent years expanded significantly, and there is great hope that mpMRI can help address two major problems encountered when treating prostate cancer.


Poly-ICLC Prostate Cancer Vaccine

Primary Cell Cultures Care

Primary Cell Cultures as Models of Prostate Cancer Development

Inflammation & Prostate Cancer

Inflammation and its impact on Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness

GU Immunotherapy

GU Immunotherapy

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