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Tumor Microenvironment

Project Description

Single Cell Sequencing Technology for Elucidating the Tumor Microenvironment in Prostate Cancer

Is it possible to develop a vaccine that would help patients develop an immune response to prosate cancer?

That is the goal of this study.

Our approach is to study the various kinds of cells that are found in the immediate region of a cancer tumor. Some of these are "immune cells" that are unaffected by cancer. A detailed genomic analysis of the immune cells helps us understand how their molecular "signature" protects them from cancer.

Once the molecular "signature" of the immune cells is known, we will translate this knowledge to develop vaccine-based immunotherapy. Then we can test whether a vaccine-based immunotherapy approach is truly effective. This study could also help in development of a personalized vaccine therapy-that is, a vaccine that is particularly effective with individual patients based on the "molecular class" of their tumor.

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