About Dr. Tewari

World-Renowned Team

One of the best Robotic prostatectomy teams

Our office is dedicated to serving men with prostate and other men’s health issues.
Dr. Tewari is assisted by a full-time board-certified urologist. Our medical team includes certified physician assistants, registered nurses, and nurse practitioners. Our practice managers, surgical schedulers, and patient-care coordinators are dedicated to making your office visit comfortable and stress-free.


World-Renowned Team

  • Ash Tewari

    Ashutosh K. Tewari

    MBBS, MCh, FRCS (Hon.),

    Professor and System Chair, Milton and Carroll Petrie Department of Urology;

    Director of Center of Excellence for Prostate Cancer at the Tisch Cancer Institute,

    Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

  • Karpenko Anastasia

    Anastasia Karpenko

    Program Manager and Executive Assistant to Dr. Ash Tewari

Clinical Team

  • Adriana M. Pedraza

    Adriana M. Pedraza

    MD, Clinical Fellow, Urologic Oncology

  • Kacie  Schlussel

    Kacie Schlussel

    PA. Physician Assistant, Clinical Director

  • Ian Hass

    Ian Hass

    PA, Physician Assistant

  • Marla Gabriele

    Marla Gabriele

    PA, Physician Assistant

  • Mae Gerenia

    Mae Gerenia

    NP, Nurse Practitioner

  • Roy Berryhill

    Roy Berryhill

    PA, Physician Assistant

  • Joseph Kiper

    Joseph Kiper

    RN, Clinical Nurse

  • Olivia Kyi

    Olivia Kyi

    PA-C, Physician Assistant

  • Shilmi Patel

    PA-C, Physician Assistant

  • Nicole Eisbrouch

    PA-C, Physician Assistant


  • Darren Deoraj

    Darren Deoraj

    System Director of Operations

  • Milagros Giribaldi

    Milagros Giribaldi

    Front Desk Supervisor

  • Katrina Cruz

    Katrina Cruz

    Clincial Supervisor

  • Yohaira

    Yohaira Rojas

    Director of Community Outreach

  • Shashank Mishra

    Shashank Mishra

    Administrative Manager

Medical Assistants

  • Fatou Lowe

    Fatou Lowe

    Medical Assistant

  • Remelin Bellara

    Remelin Bellara

    Medical Assistant

  • Emily Madera

    Emily Madera

    Medical Assistant

  • Alina

    Alina Cardi

    Medical Assistant

  • Anisa

    Anisa Eyssallenne

    Medical Assistant

  • Antonnette Hewitt

    Antonnette Hewitt

    Medical Assistant

Administrative Assistants

  • Lawrence Breedlove

    Lawrence Breedlove

    Medical Administrative Assistant

  • Kushmawattie Ramgopal

    Kushmawattie Ramgopal

    Patient Coordinator II

  • Rebecca Libal

    Ageliki Pettas

    Medical Secretary

  • Daisy Castro

    Daisy Castro

    Administrative Assistant

  • Jean Jean-Gilles

    Jean Jean-Gilles

    Administrative Assistant

  • Sanaa

    Sanaa Keith

    Medical Secretary

  • Bogdana

    Bogdana Grinchishena

    Administrative Assistant

Surgical Coordinators

  • Regina Bangiyev

    Regina Bangiyev

    Surgical Patient Liasion

  • Default

    Juan Mercado

    Surgical Administrative Manager

Clinical Trials and Innovations Team

  • Mani Menon

    Mani Menon

    MD, Chief of Strategy and Innovation, Department of Urology, Mount Sinai Health System

  • Dara Lundon

    Dara Lundon

    MD, PhD, MBA, Director, Clinical Trials and Innovations Team

  • Monali

    Monali Fatterpekar

    PhD, Clinical Research Coordinator

  • Cristina Pasat-Karasik

    Cristina Pasat-Karasik

    RN, Clinical Research Nurse

  • Lily Davenport

    Lily Davenport

    RN, Clinical Research Nurse

  • David Musheyev

    David Musheyev

    BS, Clinical Research Coordinator

Scientific Research Team

  • Natasha Kyprianou

    Natasha Kyprianou

    MBBS, PhD, Professor of Urology, Pathology and Oncological Sciences

  • Nihal Mohamed

    Nihal Mohamed

    PhD, Director of Behavioral and Social Sciences

  • Sujit Nair

    Sujit S. Nair

    PhD, Assistant Professor and Director of GU Immunotherapy Research, Urology

  • Dimple Chakravarty

    Dimple Chakravarty

    PhD, Assistant Professor, Urology

  • Stanislaw Sobotka

    Stanislaw Sobotka

    PhD, DSc, Biostatistician

  • Goutam Chakraborty

    Goutam Chakraborty

    PhD, Assistant Professor, Urology

  • Richie

    Xiangfu Zhang

    Associate Researcher, Urology