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International Footprint of Successful Outcomes

Dr. Ash Tewari is one of the world’s foremost researchers and surgeons in the field of prostate cancer. As an active researcher, and surgeon scientist, Dr. Tewari holds several leadership positions domestically and internationally.

Patients from around the world have reached out to Dr. Tewari, as our doctors are amongst the most experienced in offering robotic prostatectomy and have published extensively on surgical cancer outcomes and quality of life outcomes. Our doctors have performed more than 7,000 robotic prostate surgeries.

Dr. Tewari’s Clinical Care case series is one of the largest in the world and his outcomes are considered the gold standard for this procedure.

Patients travel from around the world to Dr. Tewari’s clinic for robotic treatment of prostate cancer


A multilingual team for International Patients

Patients from all around the world travel to New York for Dr. Tewari’s expertise in prostate cancer care, and we understand that it is crucial to have trusted and attentive people around when you are traveling abroad for medical purposes.

Our clinic has a multilingual team of professionals dedicated to caring for international patients and is here to guide you and support through this journey. We speak Russian, Spanish, Hindi, Marathi and many other languages.

Dr. Tewari’s Patient Care team provides a dedicated Concierge Service for overseas patients. Once you have filled out the online application, our international patient coordinator will be in touch with you to guide you through the logistics and scheduling involved in your stay. They will address any questions or requests you may have so that you can concentrate on your health and recovery.


Our international patient support team aids in the following areas:

  • On-site concierge assistance
  • Remote Medical Record Review
  • Guidance with paperwork required for a travel visa
  • Assistance with travel coordination
  • Hotel and long-stay apartment reservations for patients
    and families
  • Coordination of medical appointments
  • Assistance with the hospital admissions process and follow-up
    doctor visits
  • Interpreter services for all communication with medical
  • Arrangements to address dietary, cultural, and religious
  • Transfer of medical records back to the patient’s referring
    physician upon request

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