Side Effects of Prostate Cancer Treatments

Prostate cancer treatments can have several side effects depending on the type of treatment used. The two most common post-surgery problems are urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction (ED).

Dr. Tewari’s team is dedicated to personalizing your treatment to minimize your risk of complications. Less than 10% of men experience complications after prostatectomy, and these are usually treatable or short-term.

Successful Outcomes

Less than 5% of men younger than 50 and less than 15% of men 70 or older are incontinent after radical prostatectomy. Most men can have sex after prostatectomy while using ED medicines (such as Viagra®

or Cialis ®), an external pump, or injectable medications. The younger the man, the higher the chance of maintaining potency after prostatectomy. A period of penile rehabilitation is often necessary. Explore treatment options.

Sparing the nerves that can cause urinary incontinence or erectile dysfunction is the hallmark of a skilled surgeon. A patient who has a radical prostatectomy by a surgeon at an advanced prostate cancer center has a better chance of maintaining sexual and urinary function. Learn more about Dr. Tewari’s successful treatment outcomes.

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